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10 April 2023

15 February 2023

  • curprev 10:2210:22, 15 February 2023Admin talk contribs 2,220 bytes +2,220 Created page with "{{DISPLAYTITLE:k-Clique (Clique Problems)}} == Description == For a constant $k \geq 3$, the $k$-Clique problem is as follows: given a graph $G = (V, E)$ on $n$ vertices, does $G$ contain $k$ distinct vertices $a_1, \ldots, a_k$ so that for every $(i, j)$, $i \neq j$, $(a_i, a_j ) \in E$? Such a $k$ node graph is called a $k$-clique. == Related Problems == Subproblem: Exact k-Clique, Min-Weight k-Clique, Max-Weight k-Clique Related: Enumerating Maxi..."