Maximum TSP (The Traveling-Salesman Problem)

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In Maximum TSP, you are given a set $C$ of cities and distances between each distinct pair of cities. The goal is to find an ordering or tour of the cities, such that you visit each city exactly once and return to the origin city, that maximizes the length of the tour.

Related Problems

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$V$: number of cities (nodes)

$E$: number of roads (edges)

Table of Algorithms

Name Year Time Space Approximation Factor Model Reference
Barvinok 2003 $O(V^{2} \log\log E)$ $O(V)$? ? Deterministic Time
Johnson; D. S.; McGeoch; L. A. 1997 $O({2}^{(p(n)$}) Deterministic Time
Gutina; Gregory; Yeob; Anders; Zverovich; Alexey 2002 - Deterministic Time