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    15 February 2023

    • curprev 12:1912:19, 15 February 2023Admin talk contribs 563 bytes +563 Created page with "FROM: OV TO: Largest Common Subtree == Description == == Implications == assume: OVH<br/>then: for all constants $d \geq {2}$, target on two rooted trees of size at most $n$, degree $d$, and height $h \leq \log_d n + O(\log \log n)$ cannot be solved in truly subquadtratic $O(n^{2-\epsilon})$ time == Year == 2018 == Reference == Abboud, A., Backurs, A., Hansen, T. D., Vassilevska Williams, V., & Zamir, O. (2018). Subtree isomorphism revisited. ACM Tra..."