1-sensitive decremental st-shortest paths (Shortest Path (Directed Graphs))

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Determine the st-shortest path with a sensitivity of 1 using decremental techniques.

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Generalizations: st-Shortest Path

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$V$: number of vertices

$E$: number of edges

$L$: maximum absolute value of edge cost

Table of Algorithms

Currently no algorithms in our database for the given problem.

Reductions FROM Problem

Problem Implication Year Citation Reduction
BMM assume: BMM
then: for directed unweighted graphs with $n$ vertices and $m \geq n$ edges require either $m^{1-o({1})}\sqrt{n}$ preprocessing time or $m^{1-o({1})}/\sqrt{n}$ query time for every function $m$ of $n$
2017 https://arxiv.org/pdf/1703.01638.pdf link
Replacement Paths Problem (RPP) assume: APSP Hypothesis
then: target cannot be solved with preprocessing time $O(n^{3-\epsilon})$ and update and query times $O(n^{2-\epsilon})$ for any $\epsilon > {0}$ in directed weighted graphs
2017 https://arxiv.org/pdf/1703.01638.pdf link