Corner Detection (Feature Detection)

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Conventionally, a corner is defined as the intersection point or the junction point between two or more straight line edges (i.e. edges which have discontinuities along a straight line). Corner detection is the problem of detecting such corners in a given image.

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Table of Algorithms

Name Year Time Space Approximation Factor Model Reference
Harris and Stephens algorithm 1988 $O(n^{2})$ Deterministic Time
L. Kitchen and A. Rosenfeld 1982 $O(n^{3})$ Deterministic Time
The SUSAN corner detector 1997 $O(n^{3})$ Deterministic
Moravec's algorithm 1980 $O(n^{3})$ Deterministic Time
Förstner algorithm 1987 $O(n^{2} \log^{2} n)$ Deterministic
J. J. Koenderink and W. Richards 1988 $O(n^{3})$ Deterministic Time
Lindeberg () 1994 $O(n^{2})$ Deterministic
Lindeberg () 1998 $O(n^{2})$ Deterministic Time
K. Mikolajczyk; K. and C. Schmid LoG 2004 $O(n^{2})$ Deterministic Time
Lowe () 2004 $O(n^{2})$ Deterministic Time
T. Lindeberg and J. Garding () 1997 $O(n^{2})$ Deterministic
Lindeberg 2005 $O(n^{2})$ Deterministic
The Wang and Brady corner detection algorithm 1995 $O(n^{2})$ Deterministic
The Trajkovic and Hedley corner detector 1998 $O(n^{2} log^{2} n)$ Deterministic
FAST E. Rosten and T. Drummond 2006 $O(n^{3})$ Deterministic Time
Trujillo and Olague 2008 $O(n^{2})$ Deterministic Time
Geert Willems; Tinne Tuytelaars and Luc van Gool () 2008 $O(n^{2})$ Deterministic Time
Tao Luo, Zaifeng Shi and Pumeng Wang 2019 $O(n^{2})$ Deterministic