Exact GED (Graph Edit Distance Computation)

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The GED of two graphs is defined as the minimum cost of an edit path between them, where an edit path is a sequence of edit operations (inserting, deleting, and relabeling vertices or edges) that transforms one graph into another. Exact GED computes the GED exactly.

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$V$: number of vertices in the larger of the two graphs

Table of Algorithms

Name Year Time Space Approximation Factor Model Reference
X Chen 2019 $O(VS)$ $O(wV^{2})$ Exact Deterministic Time & Space
Alberto Sanfeliu and King-Sun Fu 1983 $O(V^{3} E^{2})$ Exact Deterministic Time
Wang Y-K; Fan K-C; Horng J-T 1997 $O(V E^{2} \log \log E)$ Exact Deterministic Time
Tao D; Tang X; Li X et al 2006 $O(V^{2})$ Exact Deterministic Time

Time Complexity Graph

Graph Edit Distance Computation - Exact GED - Time.png