Maximum Cut (Maximum Cut)

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Given a graph $G=(V, E)$ with edge weights $c_e > 0$ for all $e\in E$, find a cut $\delta(W)$ such that $c(\delta(W)):=\Sigma_{e\in \dela(W)} c_e$ is as large as possible.


$n$: number of vertices

$m$: number of edges

Table of Algorithms

Name Year Time Space Approximation Factor Model Reference
Hadlock 1975 $O({2}^n)$ Exact Deterministic
Motwani & Raghavan 1995 $O(n)$? $O(n)$ 0.5 Randomized Time
Mitzenmacher & Upfal 2005 $O(mn)$? $O(n)$ 0.5 Deterministic Time
Khuller; Raghavachari & Young, "Greedy Methods" 2007 $O(n^{2})$? $O(n)$ 0.5 Deterministic Time
Ausiello et al. 2003 $O(n^{3} \log m)$ $O(n^{2})$? ~0.878; assuming this is the goemans-williamson algorithm Deterministic Time
Dunning; Gupta & Silberholz 2018 $O(mn)$ Exact Deterministic Time

Time Complexity Graph

Maximum Cut - Time.png