Texture Synthesis (Texture Synthesis)

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Given a texture sample, synthesize a new texture that, when perceived by a human observer, appears to be generated by the same underlying stochastic process.


$n$: number of pixels

Table of Algorithms

Name Year Time Space Approximation Factor Model Reference
tree-structured vector quantization Wei-Levoy 2000 $O(n^{2} log n)$ $O(nd)$ Deterministic Time & Space
Spatial GAN-Based; Urs Bergmann, Nikolay Jetchev, Roland Vollgraf 2017 $O(N)$ $O(N)$ Deterministic Time & Space
non-parametric sampling Efros and Leung 1999 $O(n^{3})$ Deterministic Time
image analogies Hertzmann 2001 $O(N \log n)$ Deterministic Time
R. Paget ; I.D. Longstaff 1998 $O(n^{3})$ Deterministic Time
Image quilting Efros-Freeman 2001 $O(n^{3})$ Deterministic Time
Kwatra 2003 $O(n^{3})$ Deterministic Time
CNN Based Gatys; Leon A 2001 $O(n^{3})$ Deterministic