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3 - Graph Coloring

4 - Graph Coloring

4NF decomposition

All permutations

All-pairs shortest paths (Undirected)

BCNF Decomposition

Closest Pair Problem

Constructing Eulerian trails in a Graph

Constructing suffix trees

Convex Hull

Coset Enumeration

Cryptanalysis of Linear Feedback Shift Registers

Cycle Detection

Cyclopeptide sequencing


Deadlock avoidance

Delaunay triangulation

dependency inference problem

Determinant using integer arithmetic

DFA Minimization

Digraph realization problem

Discovering multivalued dependencies

Discrete Fourier Transform

Disk Scheduling

Duplicate Elimination

Entity resolution

Enumerating Maximal Cliques

Factorization of polynomials over finite fields

Finding Frequent Item sets

First category integer factoring

Generating random permutations

Graph edit distance computation

Graph isomorphism problem

Greatest Common Divisor

Gröbner bases

Huffman Encoding

INDEGREE analysis

Informed Search

Integer relation


Key exchange

kth order statistic

Line Clipping

Line drawing

Line Intersections

Linear Equations

Linear Programming

Link analysis (PAGERANK and variants)

Logarithm calculations

Longest common subsequence

Longest palindromic substring

longest path on interval graphs

Lossy compression

Lowest common ancestor

LU decomposition

Matrix chain multiplication

Matrix Factorization for Collaborative Filtering

Matrix Multiplication

Maximum cardinality matching

Maximum cut

Maximum Flow

Maximum subarray problem

Maximum-weight matching

MDPs for optimal policies

Median string problem in unbounded/bounded/binary alphabets

Min. Spanning Tree

Minimum value in each row of an implicitly-defined totally monotone matrix

minimum Wiener connector problem

Money Change

Motif Search


Mutual Exclusion

N-Queens Problem

Nash Equilibria

Nearest Neighbour

NFA to DFA conversion

Non-priority optimal interval Scheduling

Page replacements


Point in Polygon

Polygon clipping

Polynomial interpolation


Register Allocation

Rod-cutting problem

SDD Systems Solvers

Second category integer factoring

Secret-sharing algorithms

Self-balancing trees creation

Self-balancing trees deletion

Self-balancing trees insertion

Self-balancing trees search

Sequence Alignment

Sequence to Graph Alignment

Shortest Path(Directed graphs)

Sorting - Comparison

Sorting - Non-Comparison

Stable Marriage Problem/Stable Roommates Problem

String Search

Strongly Connected Components

The frequent words problem

The set-covering problem

The subset-sum problem

The traveling-salesman problem

The vertex-cover problem

Three-dimensional elliptic partial differential equations

Topological Sorting

Transitive Reduction problem

Translating abstract syntax trees

Turnpike problem

Two-dimensional elliptic partial differential equations

Vornoi Diagrams

Weighted Activity selection problem