Graph Isomorphism, Bounded Vertex Valences (Graph Isomorphism Problem)

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Given two graphs with the degree of each vertex bounded, determine whether they are isomorphic to one another.

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Generalizations: Graph Isomorphism, General Graphs

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$n$: number of vertices in the larger graph

Table of Algorithms

Name Year Time Space Approximation Factor Model Reference
McKay 1981 $O((m1 + m2)n^{3} + m2 n^{2} L)$ ${2}mn+{10}n+m+(m+{4})K+{2}mL$ Exact Deterministic Time
Schmidt & Druffel 1976 $O(n*n!)$ $O(n^{2})$ Exact Deterministic Time
Babai 2017 {2}^{$O(\log n)$^3} Exact Deterministic Time
Babai 1980 \exp(n^{\frac{1}{2} + $O({1})$}) $O(n^{2})$ Exact Randomized Time & Space